Our Tutors

Kanina Wolff

Kanina is the founder and director of Your Natural Self Ltd. She currently teaches the Intermediate and Advanced Psychic & Spiritual Development evening classes, as well as regular workshops and hosting retreats.

More information about Kanina can be found here.

Sue Allen

Sue Allen is an international teacher, psychotherapist, spiritual counsellor, healer, medical intuitive, spirit release practitioner and the author of Spirit Release: A Practical Handbook. Sue has given talks and taught evening classes, workshops, healing, psychic and spiritual counselling courses as well as led retreats around the world for over 20 years.

More information about Sue can be found here.

Victoria Stratford

Victoria is a Psychic, Medium, CMA accredited Spiritual Counsellor, and EMCC accredited Psychosynthesis Coaching Practitioner and teaches the Foundation class at Your Natural Self.

She joined the School of Intuition & Healing in 2016 where she studied to an advanced level with Kanina Wolff and Sue Allen until the closure of the London School in 2021 due to Sue's retirement. Victoria then joined Your Natural Self upon its opening in 2022, and has also since studied with Donna Stewart and the Psychosynthesis Coaching Institute.

Victoria works online with clients across the world offering Psychic and Mediumship readings to those wishing to connect more deeply with themselves or their loved ones on the other side, Spiritual Counselling to those seeking longer-term support, and Energy Healing & Clearing to those needing more extensive energetic support.

More information about Victoria’s work as a practitioner can be found here.

Jade Wavamunno

Jade is a Reiki Practitioner, Life Coach, Tutor, Psychic and qualified in CBT. A natural intuitive from a very young age, Jade has spent the last seven years honing her skills and abilities to an advanced practitioner level firstly at the School of Intuition & Healing in London and then at Your Natural Self Ltd. Jade taught the Spiritual Development class at the School and now enjoys teaching it again at YNS.

In her private practice, Jade adopts an integrative and holistic approach with her clients utilising all of her training and qualifications to date. She focuses on wellness, well-being, lifestyle balance, the importance of energy management and bringing healing and wholeness to the mind, body and soul. She has a special interest in healing behavioural patterns post trauma/abuse to empower individuals to rebuild their lives at the beginning of their spiritual journey.

More information about Jade’s work as a practitioner can be found here.

B-J Raben

B-J Raben is a CMA Accredited Spiritual Counsellor, CNHC Accredited Reiki Master Teacher, a Crystal Healing Master Teacher and Psychic (trained by Kanina Wolff and Sue Allen).

In her private practice she provides Spiritual Counselling, gives in-person and remote Reiki and crystal healing treatments and provides online Psychic readings. She also teaches Reiki and Crystal Healing to all levels.

Having experienced her own personal traumas in life, B-J is a highly empathetic teacher, healer and practitioner with a deep understanding of an array of pressures that life can bring. She worked in the corporate world for many years and now spends her time holding the space for and working with others on their healing, wellbeing, personal and spiritual development journey.

More information about B-J can be found here.