About Us

Kanina Wolff, Director of Your Natural Self Ltd, is a fully trained, qualified and CMA accredited Spiritual Counsellor, Spirit Release Practitioner, Tutor, Psychic, Medium and Reiki Master Teacher. She has recently successfully completed further training in Somatic Trauma Therapy. She works both online and in person with her global client base, from her busy practice in South West London.

Kanina was at the School of Intuition & Healing in London from 2012-2021 where she conceived and taught the original Spiritual Development class, and then went on to teach the Foundation and Intermediate psychic development classes as well as a number of workshops and retreats internationally. In addition, she was also part of the UK Spiritual Counselling Team and tutored on the CMA accredited Spiritual Counselling Course. From 2021-2022 Kanina taught the Advanced class at the South African branch of the School of Intuition & Healing.

Throughout her long, professional career Kanina has trained at the College of Psychic Studies, the SAGB, the Arthur Findlay College and with Tony Stockwell, Chris Drew and finally with Sue Allen and Donna Stewart at the School of Intuition and Healing.

Kanina founded Your Natural Self Ltd in response to the growing need to acknowledge and address the ‘human’ aspect of our spiritual development as well as to encourage and empower individuals to embrace, and have confidence in, fulfilling their spiritual potential and unique abilities. All of the work and professional training Kanina has undertaken for her private practice informs what and how she teaches her students.

I have known and worked with Kanina for many years, firstly as a student and then as a tutor at the School of Intuition & Healing of which I was the Founder and Director for 11 years until I retired in 2021.

Kanina has always demonstrated an absolute dedication to her spiritual work and a commitment to assisting her students in reaching their potential. She is very professional and genuine, with many years of training and experience behind her, and works with integrity in a grounded, boundaried way. Kanina is a skilled spiritual counsellor who trained at the School and who offers supervision, counselling, healing and spirit release internationally.

Kanina is a very experienced teacher who teaches spiritual and psychic development in ongoing classes as well as workshops and retreats in a wide variety of subjects including Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and other beings such as Elementals; spirit release and space clearing; soul retrieval; ancestral and past life healing; cord cutting; energy management and personal development. I highly recommend her.

Sue Allen – Founder & Director of the School of Intuition & Healing, teacher, psychotherapist, healer, spirit release & space clearing practitioner, author of 'Spirit Release: A Practical Handbook'.