What is Your Natural Self?

Your natural self is that one-of-a-kind blend that makes you unmistakably you. The good, the bad, the silly, the loving, the difficult and the grumpy parts of yourself. Whatever that blend is, it's you. And it's having the confidence to show up in all your glorious human-ness and being comfortable with that, protecting it, nourishing, loving and celebrating it. You deserve to be seen. To live your life as who you really are – not who you think, or have been told, you should be.

An important facet of your natural self is your intuition. We are all born with a sixth sense, an awareness of something more, a gut instinct, a sense of 'knowing'.

Sometimes however, we can become disconnected, mistrustful or doubtful about who we are at our very core and our inherent abilities. We outsource our validation, acknowledgement – and maybe even our identity – rather than trusting in our own lived experiences, what our intuition is telling us and what our true sense of self is feeling. As a result, and over time, we can lose sight of our natural selves completely.

Any number of factors can contribute to this:

  • childhood conditioning
  • programming
  • societal expectations
  • trauma
  • fear
  • diminished sense of safety
  • our truth being disregarded or denied by ourselves or others
  • spirit attachments, ancestral influences, psychic attack
  • spiritual crises, dark night of the soul experiences
  • and many other spiritual and energetic factors may also cause us to be temporarily separated from our natural selves

Your Natural Self Ltd was created to assist you in reconnecting with, developing, trusting and nurturing your natural abilities, as well as providing you with the tools to guide yourself toward a greater understanding of who you truly are. Are you ready to return home to yourself?


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Kanina has always demonstrated an absolute dedication to her spiritual work and a commitment to assisting her students in reaching their potential. She is very professional and genuine, with many years of training and experience behind her, and works with integrity in a grounded, boundaried way.

Sue Allen – Founder & Director of the School of Intuition & Healing